Outlook integration?

I did some googling and found modules like Zulu and was wondering what others are using to make Outlook work with FreePBX. I guess features I’d like are an ability to dial a # found in Outlook (anywhere else on the screen, like an iPhone will dial a # found on a webpage, would be awesome). Pulling-up a contact based on incoming DID would be nice, too.

Are there any places to start reading that will give me some ideas on what I can make Outlook do with FreePBX?

Is Zulu a paid module? Cost?

Costs for other modules, if there are any?

Do these features work with a wide-range of Outlook versions (we’ve got 2007, 2010, and 2016 running)?

You can find out more about Zulu, which is a paid add-on, at http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/ZU/Zulu+UC+Home and get pricing by logging into portal.sangoma.com.

outlook 2010 and up, we use it and love the webpage integration… wish it would work any number anywhere, but I’m sure that would be a nightmare to program.

You know you can change the regex filters to better match the number formats you are looking for right in Zulu

where would I do that? but no, obviously I have no idea… :slight_smile: