Outgoing routes, two numbers


I’m stuck at the outgoing routes. I’m using Asterisknow (with freebpx).
What I want is the following:

Outgoing route 1: Must call from number, for example: 091844991.
Outgoing route 2: Must call from other number, for example: 091855991

So when I call with extension 100 outgoing CID -> 09184491
With extension 102 outgoing CID -> 091855991.

How can I do this? I try’d Custom Contexts, but the module doesn’t work propperly.

Any idea’s?

Nevermind. It’s fixed!

Always good to explain what you did to resolve this, Your Highness.

Anyway, for what it’s worth. This is what I do…

You can have multiple outbound routes, and limit those for a particular extension. Go to dial patterns and enter something like:

( prepend ) + prefix | [ XXX. / 100 ]

This would limit the route to extension 100 only.


Hi Dan,

I did fix this issue with Custom Contexts.