Outgoing Routes being really annoyingly weird

I have 4 outgoing routes that are working fine, outgoing calls are working, everything is grand.

So my boss asked me to make it that certain numbers can only be called with a pin.

Easy peasy, created a new Outgoing route, set it to the top, put in the numbers to match, put a pin in, reloaded FPBX.

Except it’s being ignored and all phones can call the numbers without having to enter the PIN.

I tried the full number, I tried 44numberwithout0atthestart. I can’t think of any other way to try it and don’t understand why it’s being ignored.

Can anyone help? What do you need me to provide?

Thank you.

In the simplest case, the match pattern field should be what the user actually dials and the Route Password field should be the PIN.

However, various situations may make it more complicated.

Please explain what your existing four routes do, and post screenshots of the Dial Patterns tabs.

Are you requiring a PIN on specific numbers, or classes of numbers such as premium numbers or numbers in certain countries?

Also, what dialing formats are accepted? For example, older systems typically required dialing 0 or 9 before the number to get an outside line. This is not recommended, but your system might have been set up that way for compatibility with what it replaced. Do you allow local calls without the area code? Do you allow an initial + for international calls?

Hello Stewart1, thanks for replying.

We currently have 4 Routes:

Emergency Calls (999 and 111) (one of the Trunks we use supports this)
Freephone Calls (One of the Trunks we use charges us for these numbers, so I made a separate route so they wouldn’t be used.
Outgoing calls (the route normal outgoing to landline and mobile calls use)
084/7 Calls (A different Trunk to the Outgoing calls is cheaper for these numbers)

I will attach screenshots.

Specific numbers and premium numbers

Depends on the Trunk, that’s where I’ve set the dialling formats up. Some are happy for just the number, some require 44numberwithoutinitial0.

We don’t need to dial 9, we’re only using online SIP companies.

No, all calls must be dialled in full to be able to work.

We only have international calls set up to The Republic of Ireland (we’re in the UK) and are called by dialling 00353number

Your system is straightforward enough (Outbound Routes are not modifying numbers, no prefix 9, etc.) so I don’t see why it’s not working. One thing slightly unusual is that because you allow both 44+areacode+number and 0+areacode+number, your PIN route must also match both formats.

For example, if you wanted a PIN to be required when calling 3456 7890 in London and for calling any 09 numbers, you could use these match patterns:


IMO, the emergency route should come first (so mistakes in other routes won’t block an emergency call) and it should include 112.

Put your PIN route as the next one down and test. If you still have trouble, paste the log for a call that should have required a PIN at https://pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

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