Outgoing route "capturing" time group

I have a time group, used elsewhere.
My single outgoing route marked “permanent” and was working fine till yesterday. My users told me “no outgoing calls”.
My outgoing route suddenly stoped working!!!
After some time spent on investigation I found that some of the module autoupdates (probably) broken my PBX.
Here what I have now:

  1. my outgoing route marked “permanent” this is IMPORTANT and it is not working
  2. open Applications -> Time conditions
  3. click Linked Item “Time Group”

LOL, SANGOMA I had a huge frustration, thinking I was “hacked” or something like this

some additional info:
SNG7 OS, with all updates (autoupdates was turned on till yesterday)
that single time group used in time condition in INBOUND routing and working fine, it is 08:00-18:00 for incoming call routing
workaround make new time group 00:00-23:59 and assign it to my OUTGOING ROUTE, because permanent route setting pulling my 08:00-18:00 time group

In addition to reporting this here, you might want to submit a ticket on the Issues page. If your analysis of the problem is any indication, this could be a huge problem for anyone using timegroups on your incoming and outgoing routes.

In the ticket, you should include an many details as you can so that the Sangoma guys can try to reproduce the problem and figure out if one of the updates caused it.