[OUTGOING] Music after hang up - do not terminating call


I have this problem since freepbx. I think on Trixbox there wasn`t such a problem - the version of asterisk probably was different, that obvious.

At default Im recording all OUTGOING calls. The problem is, that very often, after the person we are calling to hang up, and I do not hang up the call by myself (using X-Lite) the call is, i think, put on hold. There is music playing. Its all is recorded too. It makes sometimes additional 30% of time and recording to call.

I need to make sth with that, because I have about 20-30 people calling through my Elastix. I also count their call time its not acctually the real time of call.

My BOX is:
Asterisk (Ver.

Thank you in advance for all your help