Outgoing Msg for Extension

Hi all.

I’m trying to setup my IVR to do this simple things.

Call in -> IVR
Press 1 -> 1100
Press 2 -> 1101

and so on.

So I got the IVR to connect to whatever the extension is, but for some reason I can’t find a way to configure the extension to play this message before sending it to voice mail. Just like when people call my VM, I have them listen to my message first before I record it. I know I can dial in to that extension and record a outgoing vm. However, I have this nice pre-recorded outgoing msg that I want to use and I’m wondering on how to upload it to my extension just like the way I upload it to my IVR main number. Anyone can shine a bit of light for me? Many thanks.

You want this to play in lieu of the regular VM message when the phone is unanswered or busy? Or do you want all calls to go to the message and then to VM?


w5waf. Just a standard regular VM message when the phone is unanswered or busy. Replacing the regulard VM message provided by Freepbx. Is there a setting like IVR where I can upload the message that I may have missed somewhere? I thought I clicked everywhere already looking for it to no avail…

There are a couple of things you can do…

First, you could upload your message as normal, and then from the Linux Command line copy it over to the appropriate VM directory, as there is no direct way to do this.

The second option…I’m not sure this available on the standard FreePBX version. We’re using the commercial version here and I don’t have the free version up right now, but check at the bottom of the extension setup page, hopefully you’ll see optional destinations. Simply point the optional destination to an announcement you have created with the uploaded recording and point the announcement to the VM with no announcement for that extension.


w5waf. That’s awesome. Thank you so much.

I choose the second one since it’s easier and it works like magic. Per your suggestion, I choose the announcement at the bottom instead of extension. Then a pop up window asked the question of which announcement I want to use (Already preloaded of course), then destination after playback, I selected the extension where it should go and Baammmm… Works like a champ. This is much easier and cleaner IMHO than the linux CLI one.
I’m still wondering why there’s no more straight forward way like when extension is created, there should be a field that ask for which outgoing msg I want to play prior to sending to extension, but beggar can’t be a chooser. It works and that’s all that matters. Many thanks again w5waf… :slight_smile:

Naw, no genius, just been at it a while. Tony, Peter, and the FreePBX team are the real geniuses. I love it when I stop in someone’s office at work and they make the comment that “The Phone Exprt hs here” to which I “thank goodness, I can go back downstairs!”.

Anyway, glad to be of help.


Thanks Bill.

You are way too modest but thanks anyway… :slight_smile: Of course the same goes to the FreePbx team… This product has been a major blessing. Have a wonderful evening. :slight_smile:

Bill, I didn’t know Peter had left his job and joined the Schmooze team :slight_smile:

Would you believe I meant Phillippe.

Sorry Phillippe…


Sure, I would believe anything. Us old folks with “part timers” have to stick together.