Outgoing fax working, but no incoming

I’ve spent an hour browsing topics here and found nothing that helped me, so I made an account and I’m asking for help. I feel incredibly ignorant and self conscious asking anything on this forum as I am not as tech-savy as most here…but here it is… We rigged an old fax machine to send and receive faxes over our sip using a cisco pua, we recently switched to a TWC sip trunk and the incoming faxes are no longer working. Is there a way I can receive and save faxes directly from our free pbx server? We are using

I have a post here on how I use faxing with FreePBX and a Grandstream 502 adapter. Works flawlessly I’ll say for sending and receiving faxes. Haven’t had any complaints so far and just did an install for a client using this exact same method last Friday

Here’s said link: Fax over T.38, SIP trunk

Thank you for the response. Id prefer to avoid any further hardware, but I will give this a try. Thanks again.