Outgoing CID

I’m running FreePBX against s SIP trunk. I want to set the outgoing cid on each extension to reflect the user.

I’ve tried setting outoging cid to either




but neither do anything. I also don’t see this even reflected in any of the files in /etc/asterisk.

I have “allow any cid” for the trunk. I understand that the trunk provider could be overriding, but since I don’t see the cid strings in /etc/asterisk I think the problem is earlier.

The most obvious thing is that your provider doesn’t allow you to change CID.
Might want to check with them.


But even if the provider doesn’t allow it, wouldn’t the FreePBX extension configuration gui, at least put it in an /etc/asterisk config file? It seems to me that a trunk provider restriction would be at run time, not at config time.