Outgoing calls work fine. Not so much for incoming. What do I do?> Using Teliax with LMCE

I did the auto configure with LMCE when i setup my box. It allows me to make outgoing but when I try to call in I get nothing. Would anyone happen to know what settings i need to change to allow incoming calls? Any help would be appreciated. Also on my FreePBX page that I access through LMCE I get a few error messages on the dashboard. They are:

retrieve_conf failed, config not applied

Could not reload FOP server

Error symlink from modules failed

I work with teliax all day since they are the #1 provider I set up with my clients.

Teliax shouldnt give any problems at all. Follow these directions:

Im not familiar with LMCE

II have printed out those instructions and plan to work on them tonight. A question though, do I need to set my DSL modem/router in any particular way so as to allow incoming calls? Aside from not configuring Teliax correctly is there anything else that could be preventing an incoming connection? Thanks

Have you opened up the proper ports?
UDP 5060 and 5061
UDP 10000 to 20000

Also take a look here:

Let me know how this works out for you

Good luck

No luck. I followed the instruction on those links completely. I did make one change though and used iax instead of sip. I tried sip first but it did work so I changed it to iax and outbound calls work fine. I did get a lot of error message on my freepbx page. Can anyone help me decipher them and resolve them? Here is a screenshot