Outgoing Calls Via Voicemail

When accessing voicemail remotely, I believe there should be an option to make an outgoing call from the advanced menu but it’s not there. Is there a way to enable that feature?

Comedian Mail is the voicemail system we use. To add that feature, we’d need to make changes to Comedian Mail.

If you really believe that this is an important feature, please explain how it should work and how we would protect it from abuse?


see the “dialout” and its context option, but heed the warnings, it can be very expensive

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Thank you, sir. I can see the danger. I only thought about it because the option was listed on the voicemail flowchart in the wiki. I will have to seriously consider that and, even then, probably will leave it as it is.

just write a context that effectively privides a two factor authentification before dualing out. dont use from-internal

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