Outgoing calls to mobile, where am I wrong?

Hello everyone, I have set a trunk for outgoing calls, but I think I’ve done something wrong. When pouring the incoming call on misc destination, it tells me that the number is busy. If I make the call from an extension that works, but if I want to transfer through misc destination does not work.
You have tips?

Did you read the description of “Misc Destinations”? It’s not an outbound route!

Misc Destinations are for adding destinations that can be used by other FreePBX modules, generally used to route INCOMING calls… e.g. access to a Feature Code, such as *98 to dial voicemail or a Time Condition toggle, but even that is now provided as Feature Code Admin destination.

Misc Destinations can be set to External DIDs, and I have just confirmed they work as expected. If you need help, you will have to post a sanitized call trace so we can see where the failure occurs.

Can you explain in detail how to do it?


These outputs are written to the console. I did right?

This is how I always set up my cell phone extensions, because then I can use things like “SetCallerID” to make sure the CID on the forwarded call is right, and that the trunk I use for outbound cell calls is the one that gets used.

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For sanitized call trace are creating a direct path without passing by 'IVR?
The CID is used to identify the incoming call number? Correct me if I’m wrong … I have the number 1112223344 as trunks and inbound while the number 5556667788 as a trunk and outbound … if you call me (eg number 123456), through CID must say that it will 123456 use 5556667788 to exit?

The CID is the number of the person calling your system.
The DID is the number used to identify the incoming call.

The outbound trunk is only for calls that originate in your PBX, but all of the traffic for those calls goes out over the outbound trunk. Everything that comes in from the outside world is on the Inbound trunk.

So (and here’s where it gets confusing).

Someone calls your DID and your PBX answers it, The call is routed to your cell phone. The outbound leg of the call (the part from the PBX to the cell phone) goes out over your outbound trunk and gets assigned either the Caller ID of your PBX, or the Caller ID of the person that originally called you , depending on your PBX configuration.

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With this clarification I solved the problem. I wondered how did the system to know which door had to output the signal