Outgoing calls through freepbx using sip trunk

hi all,

i have configured a sip peer trunk between a grandstream pbx and freepbx. the trunk is working.
Now I want to route outbound calls from the grandstream pbx through the freepbx to analog line.

How should i configure this routing in the freepbx. can anyone help me with this.

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Hi Renoeka,

Not a complete answer by a long shot but you would need to configure the grandstream PBX to push calls to the freepbx trunk or extension or whatever grandstream call it.

I have no clue on Grandstream but it should not be hard.!!

Sorry I could not be more help.


Hi, i have configured that allready on the grandstream. But i want that if the call comes to the freepbx, the freepbx route it to analog trunk. Now if i make an outbound call, i am getting the regular inbound route of freepbx. I want to know how i can configure the inbound of the FreePBX that it routes the call to DID of the FreePBX and then to outbound.

Set the context of the trunk from the Grandstream to from-internal.

stewart here are some screenshots of my configuration.
I think i have already configured what you are saying.Please guide me with this! Capture%20Backup%20Downlaod%20winSCP|690x444

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