Outgoing calls stopped working, incoming calls still work

this morning outgoing calls are failing, while incoming calls are still working fine. No changes were made to our 2.7 install. Our setup contains an analog FXO with 2 trunks and 4 internal sip phones (3 physical phones and 1 software).

We updated the software to version 2.8 to see if that would change anything, but things remain the same.

not sure where to start to troubleshoot this installation as I’m new to IP PBX systems.

Try this…

In the dialing commands for your trunks, put a couple of “w” or wait commands before the dial string.

This can be done in the trunks configuration under “outbound dial prefix”.

If you already have something there, put the “w” before any other entry something like ww9.

This allows the box to pull dialtone from the CO and wait until the CO is ready to hear the dialed digits.

I’ve had to put as many a 4 w’s in place.

Hope this helps.