Outgoing calls route back to ring group

For no apparent reason all outgoing calls from voip phones are routed straight back to the ring group. Incoming calls are fine. This happened after the holiday weekend during which incoming calls were manually routed to an announcement.
I have an analogue cordless connected to an FXO port and we can make outgoing calls ok with the FXO device.
I’m on vacation with only remote access (via windows RDP) I thought maybe the Dialplan was corrupted but the FXO phone can make calls fine.
I could restore last Thursday night’s backup as everything was fine on Friday but I’m reticent because I’m not onsite.
Any pointers please? Thank you


Thank you Lorne, my business is in a different time zone and opens later. I’ll pull off a log.

With not being at my office I could not see the full picture. Turns out all outgoing calls routed to the analogue handset on the FXS port.
Reading the log I saw that in DAHDI config, the FXS was in the same group ID as the FXO (group ID 0), I set it to 1 and all works again.
Mystery how it changed??

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