Outgoing Calls from Voicemail

I would like our staff to be able to make calls through the voicemail System (ie: when they check their v/m if they need to return a call with our caller id). They have the option to make outgoing calls under the Advanced Option however, the message says “Please wait while I connect your call” and then nothing happens. Here is what the log is showing:

[2018-04-07 17:48:49] WARNING[13012][C-00000014] pbx.c: Channel ‘PJSIP/10284-00000016’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=yes,10214,1

Is there a context in your configuration called “yes”?

It looks like the configuration of your voicemail system is broken. That ‘yes’ should be a valid context (from-pstn, from-internal, etc.).

It’s disabled by default due to issues with security. You must be very disciplined to ensure that external callers can’t make pstn calls by merely guessing a VM pin.

Sometimes, it takes another set of eyes! I had updated the yes to from-internal in one place but not another! Two days, I have been looking for this.

Thank you!

Now, any of you have any good luck with Findme/Followme?

Whats the issue?

… and you should probably start a new topic since this isn’t likely to have anything to do with Outgoing calls from Voicemail.

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When I turn it on for one, the call external calls ring two or three times and then go to voicemail, even when you try to answer them on the first ring. It it on the primary extension and it is set to ringallv2.

Please do what Dave said, i wish there would be a feature to move posts…

No problem. I was originally going to do that, but since I was here …

Are your user’s mailboxes accessible by calling in from outside?
Then your desired feature can become a security issue, especially if you allow calls to international destinations.

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