Outgoing Calls after entering a PIN

Need some help. Here is what I am trying to do:

What I am looking for is a way for a person to call in, enter some unique number (such as a pin number) and then get an outside dial-tone or route out.

So a person would dial the DID, then get either a prompt, enter 1234 and then a number, then that number would be dialed on my outgoing trunk and get called.

My FreePBX installation is already setup and I already have incoming and outgoing calls working on a single DID.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Two ways to do that (at least :slight_smile: ) one is to send your inbound calls to an IVR with a short timeout destination to where it normally goes and a “hidden” destination to a disa you will build ion FreePBX, or perhaps more complicated an inband detection of a dtmf sequence that will be intercepted by the “features” and “application map” facility built into asterisk.

Cool. Sent you a PM.

Why would you send him a PM? This is a support community, solutions should be worked out in public so all can benefit.

Additionally it is very presumptuous to PM a member expert to expect 1:1 help.

(he was encouraged to do it himself :wink: )

I asked if he would be willing to assist me and offered compensation. I made the assumption that this would not be welcomed in the open forum so I did it over PM. I also wasn’t sure if he would get a notification of a new PM, which is why I posted a thread reply indicating as such.

I do want to learn and that is why I offered to compensate dicko for helping me solve the problem; not doing it for me… (That’s what paid support is for). I am up against a tight timeline otherwise I would just bang away at it until I got it working. Unfortunately, time is not on my side and my hope was that someone already had this solution identified.

I fully intend to post the solution so that all can benefit.

Please don’t jump to conclusions.

Got it figured out. It was pretty easy. I wasn’t familiar with the DISA application.

Question though, why did you recommend the IVR destination with the pause?

Paid support is always available at the top of this page under “Support”

Jumping to conclusions is my specialty :slight_smile: Besides I asked to confirm my assumptions.

We all get several messages a day and they are not welcome.

The other funny thing is the amount of money people offer us. Personally I don’t work for less than the paid support prices.

It was also used to make a point to the 1000’s of people that read the threads.

No intent to offend and I hope you get your solution, I love reading happy endings.