Outgoing caller ID change

Dear All!

I am very new in Asterisk. I build a system in My small company.
Install FreePBX Distro.

I have some problem ,and lot of questions.

First: Sorry for My English!

I programing the inbound route in extensions_costum.conf file. Thats work good.

I would like to programin outgoing route, but i Can’t find where i do this.

We have lot of phone line.

We would like all outgoing call go out on gsm adapter, but the call reciver side show my ISDN Number.

So we would like to change outgoing caller number id if possible.

Thank You very much for help! I’m very clueless.

Why would you need to program route in extensions_custom.conf?

You can set the caller ID in the outbound route module so that should be all you need.