Outgoing Call Via Grandstream Gateway

I am new to using Freepbx so please excuse what is probably a basic question. I am creating a ring group of 2 extensions of which one is a Grandstream Gateway with a POTS line.

How do I tell freepbx what phone number to dial on that extension that is registered, say 301.

You need to first create the extension that is going to be registered on the grandstream

In most applications, the Grandstream should be configured as a trunk, rather than an extension.

If it’s an HT503 or HT813, you should configure the FXO side as a trunk and the FXS as an extension.

Based on what Stewart1 is saying, it might help to know what model of Grandstream Gateway you’re dealing with. When you say POTS line, is this a line going to an analog phone that you want to set up as an extension, or is it a telco line that you’d like to place calls out over to a specific number?

For example, do you want to set up a Ring Group where whenever ext301 is called, it will ring a sip phone, and also call an outside number over a POTS telco line? If this is the case, and you’re setting up a ring group, you can add both extensions and external numbers to the Extension List box. Similar to what’s described here: [SOLVED] How would I properly add my cell phone number as an extension on my PBX?

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