Outgoing call returning Pilot Number


We have setup Freepbx but we we are calling to any mobile number its showing pilot number not the caller number. the setup are following.
Provider given us WAN IP POOL----- 100.64.xx.208/29 (Customer End IP: 100.64.xx.212 with Default Gateway— 100.64.xx.211) Voip Server IP 100.64.xxx.4
Pilot Number : 34823xx000 Start Number : 34823xx001 End Number : 34823xx149
The server has 2 interface one for internet another for VOIP .A static route create to on the server to route 100.64.xxx.0/24 traffic to 100.64.xx.211

we have setup a trunk “trunkout”
Authentication none
SIP Server 100.64.xxx.4
Context from-trunk
From Domain 100.64.xxx.4
From User +913482xx3000

Dial Number Manipulation Rules
match pattern XXXXXXXXXX
Outbound Dial Prefix +91

Extension: 001
Outbound CID +913482xx3001
username and password
Context from-trunk
All other Extension with different number

Outbound Routes
Route CID +913482xx3000
Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes : trunkout
Dial Patterns : XXXXXXXXXX

Inbound Routes 1
DID : +913482xx3001
CID : Any
Destination Extensions: 001 +9134823xx001

Inbound Routes 2
DID : any
CID : Any
Destination Trunks: trunkout (pjsip)

All other Extensions which created with diffrent numbers

We are able making outgoing and income call from mobile but when we are calling to any number its giving us pilot on mobile. Please tell us where the mistake I have done.

Thanks in advance.

If your provider allows you to send caller ID in the From header, remove the From User setting. Or, if they accept the calling number in P-Asserted-Identity or Remote-Party-ID, set Send RPID/PAI accordingly. Otherwise, consult their documentation for how to send the calling number.

changing the P-Asserted-Identity or Remote-Party-ID not working. When removing From user number in trunk outgoing call not working. Whatever number I am giving from the range its showing that number on mobile. Is there anyway to solve this?

Do you mean in From User? If so, try leaving From User blank, but set Outbound CID for the extension to (for example)
"SAN2ROY" <+913482xx3001>
Confirm that Route CID for the Outbound route (if set) is in the same format and Override Extension is not set. Also, Confirm that Outbound CallerID for the trunk is in the proper format and Allow Any CID is set.

If you still have trouble, at the Asterisk command prompt type
pjsip set logger on
and make a test call. The From header should contain the caller ID for the extension.

Thank you for your replay
when From User is set to blank, out going call stopped. Outbound CID is set in extension +913482xx3001 same format. Route CID for the Outbound route is set in the same format and Override Extension is not set. Outbound CallerID is trunk is set and Any CID enabled.

getting the following in the test call log

[2022-03-20 06:33:59] VERBOSE[4682] res_pjsip_logger.c: <--- Transmitting SIP request (453 bytes) to UDP:100.64.xxx.4:5060 --->	
5646	PRACK sip:100.64.xxx.4:5060 SIP/2.0	
5647	Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPja85adba9-30f1-4693-8f7b-15d44900cffd	
5648	From: <sip:[email protected]>;tag=cb04c33d-0a92-4b55-b6c3-ecceeb808a1b	
5649	To: <sip:[email protected]>;tag=16-3717793-746065-140364115527424	
5650	Call-ID: 7b7e5a53-ed1f-4f23-a4df-9d8f7ca712bc	
5651	CSeq: 28189 PRACK	
5652	RAck: 4 28185 INVITE	
5653	Max-Forwards: 70	
5654	User-Agent: FPBX-16.0.17(18.10.0)	
5655	Content-Length: 0

I think some setting is to set which i have missed. Please help me.

Why do you believe the PRACK is in error? Without the complete context of the call it isn’t really possible to know whether anything is wrong, but, if PRACK gets sent at, the initial assumption would be that it is completely correctly sent.

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