Outgoing call on hold

I am struggling to find how to put an outgoing call on hold.

DTMF tones are passing to the users rather than asterisk interpreting them. If i dial out, and want to put the call on hold and dial another call , i can not go back to the first call.
neither its in hold state neither its disconnected.

asterisk is set to rfc2833 and phones dtmfmode is set to info.

I need to put a call on hold and dial out another, how can i achieve this.

I have GXP 2000 series phones.

any help is highly appreciated. I am short of pulling all my hairs ( not much left though)

The phones have to be set to RFC. Wth the grandsteam 2000, to put a call on hold and dial another, you simply select another line. the first line is put on hold and you can dial another number on the second line. To go back to the first call, press the appropriate line key.


Thanks for your reply,

once we press line 2 , their is no way i can go back to line 1 or any other line.

neither i can put the call in conf call.

RFC ? can you please explain RFC.

Midway down the account page on the phone setup, make sure the DTMF setting matches the phone setup on freepbx. Check only the rfc2833.

Do you have the latest Firmware installed?