Outgoing call interference

i am facing issue in analog outgoing line, i have total 4 analog line if more than two calls are make call interfernce is occuring even dial pattern sounds are coming. i dont know where i want check in DAHDI i made each port as differenet group and in trunk i mapped like, but still problem is existing.

This is more likely to be bad wiring. What Analog hardware are you using?

Call your provider and tell them you have a problem with “Crosstalk”. It’s probably “Near End Crosstalk”, but it could be “Far End Crosstalk”.

The difference between Near and Far is Near is between your server and the Demarcation Point or “Demark” and Far is beyond the Demark, in the provider’s wiring.

If I was a betting man, I’d put money on a bad ground in your local demark.

So, when you talk to them, let them know what you are hearing and use the phrases above. It will make it sound like you know what you’re talking about and should get you closer to Tier 2 tech support faster.

sangoma A 200 is using

ok, let me check with provider. I don’t have any problem in internal call(between extension).

That makes it more likely that it’s crosstalk. Since everything in the PBX is SIP, there’s nothing in the PBX that can do that.

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