Outcall with digits limit?

Hey guys:

I have a problem with an installation freepbx asterisk + with two lines and two ISDN BRI voice providers.

For outgoing international calls would be routed always one of the suppliers, and has been until you have needed to call numbers that prepend + matchpattern totaling more than 20 digits.

When you mark a total of 21 or more digits call fails. Is there a site where you limit the number of digits to 20?

Thanks in advance.

(Sorry by my bad english)

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I have noticed that FreePBX or Asterisk or the particular VOIP provider that I’m using seems to have a limit of 20 digits for Caller IDs. After 20 digits, the Caller ID matching feature fails. I haven’t investigated whether the limit is in FreePBX/Asterisk or my specific VOIP provider, but it was there, and it might affect outgoing calls as well.

the smallest field between outbound route patterns and trunk rules, for any give field is a VARCHAR 50 and in the case of routes 60 characters so it should not be that…


The problem apparently is isdn line.

If I call by analog line, work fine.