Outbound trunk unreachable

I frequently get a recording " All circuits are busy" When I check Asterisk info, Sip info shows as registered however the Peers shows unreachable. after I do a “shutdown -r now” all is ok for a wile.

Asterisk 1.4.6

Thanks for the help you guys are great.


your peers are not re-registering properly. Can be one of many reasons. Are these peers on the same network or different? If different you need to fillout the sip_nat.conf file and enter localnet, externip, nat information. So that it knows what networks are local, what it’s external IP is for outside communication and nat-yes if you are going through a firewall with nat.

Yes you need to do this even if everythign is internal and you are using multiple subnets. By default asterisk assumes that the only local network is the one it is on and until you tell it otherwise phone on other networks can register once most of the time but almost never renew when it comes time.