Outbound trunk line being hacked

Our outbound trunks include Vitelity for domestic calls and Net2Phone for international.
Twice now, the international system has been hacked with hundreds of dollars worth of calls.
The Vitelity system has not been hacked.

Net2Phone says that the security breach is through my system and not their responsibility. Net2Phone uses weak protection; a 4 numeric character password. I’m not clear whether they are hacking in through my freepbx or guessing the password and going directly through the Net2Phone system.

Any way I can can tell if my system is being penetrated?

What do your call logs and call detail records say?
Do you see those calls in there?
Net2phone should also be able to tell you from what IP address those calls came from.
From yours?
Or have your trunk credentials been stolen and your trunk was registered to your Sip provider from another server?

As I look at my CDRs, yes, I think there is a problem.
I imagine my best bet is to hire someone from Support to review.

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