Outbound Through GVoice Odd Issue

It seems like I am getting close. I have setup my FreePBX to work with Google Voice.

When I make an outbound call to my land line, the land line rings, but once I pick up the land line there is just silence there and my SIP phone keeps on ringing as though no one has answered yet. The reports also say no answer.

What is going on with this call? What am I missing.

I am not receiving incoming calls either, but one thing at a time I figure.

Ok I rebooted and now the outbound calls work, but I am not receiving Google Voice Calls.

Ok so I don’t know what I did, but I just went through everything and then both inbound and outbound worked.

I shut off my soft SIP phone and tried to call in and it went to my google Voice mailbox again and now I can not get inbound to work again.

Any ideas? Seems like many people have issues with this so I am doubting anyone will have a fix.