Outbound T38 faxing Beta Customers needed

I am looking for a few people who have there PBX setup with faxing like linksys SPA2102 for faxing registered into FreePBX who want to try some outbound T38 faxing for us.

We build a Fax Server to take T38 outbound SIP calls convert them to standard fax and send them out our PRI’s. Hence solving the outbound T38 faxing issue. We are doing this for about 20 internal customers with no issues so I figured before I start offering this as a service to FreePBX Customers we would get a few people who want to play with sending outbound faxes as T38 from their PBX. If you have our Fax Pro it will also work for sending faxes out form the ARI.

You will need to setup a SIP trunk on your PBX to our SIP Server and send the fax calls out that SIP trunk. Please email me at tony dot lewis at schmoozecom.com and I will get you the trunk details to test. I will need your static IP that you your SIP trunk will be coming from.

Thanks guys.

Please note we can not assist you in setting up T38 in your system and expect you to have T38 between your ATA and Asterisk working which is as simple as trunking on T38 passthrough in sip settings and setting up your gateway to handle T38 which is the tough part.