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I am new to the community and looking forward to learning as much as possible on FreePBX. I have multiple servers that route through one that is connected to my two upstream provider. We need to set up outbound routes and not sure which server we should set this up on. Should it be on the server that customer is on or on the main server? The customer server is connected to the main server with a iaxpeer.

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Outbound route for what? To connect to a Trunk? then do it on whichever server the Trunk is.

Welcome, there is a lot to learn, and there are some great resources in this community. Although not perfect I find the wikis great starting points.


YouTube is a great visual resource as well:

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Homework or something?

Because this

And this

Absolutely contradict with this.

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My god. Another school project? Lol


The short answer is you’ll need to setup outbound routes on both. Where you point those outbound routes is another question but likely the answer your homework is looking for is…
Customer Serv—Main–Upstream but you’ll need outbound routes on both to point to next hop.

Forgive me if Im lacking any IAX knowledge. As I to sip to sip just fine and have never bothered with IAX despite all the articles saying it is better.

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Thanks for the questions but I have figure it out. The person that set the trunks before me didn’t have them correct. All is up and working today.



Thank you for the helpful video link. I watch as much as possible but this one had me stumped. again thank you for your input. This site needs a few more folks like you and less of the other ones.

I responded to you with what I thought was helpful.

Jared mentioned something, I responded to him. Which we, frequent community visitors know what I was referring to.

If you got so pissed off by this comment, then might be you are indeed that School Project guy and the truth hurts. I guess?

Anyway. I’m not here to offend you, and apologies if I did.

Good luck with taking over that project.

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@fritter417 then post better information next time. Because I clearly cited my reasoning for responding to your post as I did.

I did not call you names or tell your to smeg off. You apparently do not Internet much.

@fritter417 welcome to the FreePBX Community! There is a knowledgeable collection of people here, and some weirdos. I comfortably straddle both camps, but with age I trend toward the latter.

The response from PitzKey above was in reference to a running gag here that, unfortunately, you as a newb would not have recognized, there was no malice intended. The rest of us giggled.

Lets all strive to keep things lighthearted here.


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