Outbound Routes

Hi all,

my question is regarding the Outbound Routes. We have more then 50 different Outbound Routes. I am very interested in giving them on the creation the order number where it has to be placed in the list. Clicking on the arrows is nice, but it takes much time and the window is refreshing each time. Maybe there is a workaround for this.


the interface is not the most efficient and will probably change in the future - but you are a bit out of the norm with 50 routes.

thanks for your answer. Is it really out of the norm? I have to differ a lot of countries and there all the mobile phone destinations. Only in Europe you have an enormous number of different destinations.

I believe the solution is not so hard to implement, isn´t it? If I only can give the order number where to put an existing entry. This would be really helpfull.

Have a nice day.