Outbound Routes UK


I’ve just set up an outbound route a couple of days ago and i’m trying to work out 1) The behaviour of my Linksys Spa 921 IP phone, 2) The behaviour of FreePBX/Asterisk and 3) the behaviour of the SIP Phone Adapter (Spa 3102) in the following situation: I make an outbound call, I seemingly have to type any number (other than an extension), press dial, it rings once, I get an outside line then I dial the outside number (and have to type it slowly for it to be recognised) is this normal or something I can make a whole lot easier?

Effectively I am having to go through 2 stage dialing. The goal is to make a call from SIP Phone to a POTS number using my POTS phone line connected through an Adapter to my FreePBX box without having to dial a number, press dial, one ring then outside line. I’m looking to simply dial the outside number. The call is successful - i’d just like to configure it a bit better but I’m not sure where to start!

Thanks for your time :smile:



It should get you started.

Hi Dick, thanks for this but that is where I started - I managed to get the phone to the stage where it was making calls rather than having got it out of the packet and been totally stuck :slight_smile:

It’s just this annoying dialing out issue being over two stages as above detailed :slight_smile: Any further ideas anyone?

Thanks for your time.