Outbound routes trough extention

For some reason my gateway GXW4108 does not connect the trunk. So line with outgoing call ability connected with extention. I guess that I need to add extensions_custom.conf rules for outgoing calls or there are pretty solution with freepbx web gui?

Second question is:
Can anybody help to write dialplan for outbound call?

If you get your Grandstream registered, you should be able to make inbound/outbound calls. You would just need to create the extensions and make sure the trunk connected to an outbound route that has a routable dial pattern. This can be done in the GUI.

A quick Google search revealed:

These cover registering each jack as a SIP account or setting up the Grandstream as a PEER gateway.

i have 5 inbound lines that connected to GXW without ability to make outbound calls. One line that have this ability. All lines are registered with sip accounts on freepbx. GXW uses unconventional call forward for incoming calls.
All instructions for freepbx that i found talks about "outbound routes " to work trough trunk. But my GXW doesn’t connect it. So i want to enable outbound call in some other way.

If they are all registered (OK) SIP extensions, you should be able to use the trunks in FreePBX. You would need to have a working trunk in FreePBX. That trunk needs to be part of an outbound route in FreePBX. The outbound route would need a dial pattern that matches what you are attempting to dial from one of the Grandstream lines.


  • Do you have a working trunk that you’ve tested outside of the Grandstream?
  • Is that working trunk part of an outbound route in FreePBX?
  • What is the number you are dialing on the Grandstream phone?
  • What is the dial pattern on the FreePBX outbound route?
  • Are there any time of day or other restrictions on the outbound route?
  • What are you hearing when you dial?
  • What are the FreePBX logs showing when the call fails?

Thank you for your help.
I write a custom dial plan that communicates through gxw with extentions registration.

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