Outbound routes showing wrong CID

too much Extra knowledge but I simply set my Extension outbound CID and it’s not working.
can anyone help me with where to troubleshoot.
I can see same caller ID showing in CDR reports but not showing correct number on receiver’s phone.

Thanks you all for your precious time.

It is you who needs to supply more information. You mentioned PRI several times but your test calls all went out on an FXO (analog line). On analog, you have no control over caller ID, other than choosing which line to call out on.

Do you actually have PRI service? If so, do you have an Outbound Route that sends calls over the PRI? Have you confirmed that calls are being delivered over the PRI? If so, have you spoken to the carrier about which caller IDs are permitted?

Please paste the complete log for a failing (wrong caller ID) call that you are certain goes over the PRI at pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

Thanks for your Replay @stewart1. I will send it as soon as possible.
Yes we do have PRI service. I don’t know much how PRI service taking analog line. But what I can see in logs tell me that calling out chooses dahdi channels from SIP. I am so confuse what should I call that.
I’ll send log first in order to make visible for you.

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