Outbound Routes - Prepend

Hi, This is my first topic here. I am a newbie in FreePBX

This is my scenario:
I have a grandstream connected to my traditional PBX and connected to my FreePBX
It works great.
I can receive call without problems.

The grandstream HT503 is connected to an internal line, ext 195.

In my old PBX, to dial outside I need to input a code, for example 491234#9, after that I have dial tone to the outside.

So, I want to dial with my X-Lite something like 2+outside number.
So, I added a Dialed Number Manipulation Rules like this:

Prepend: 491234#9
Prefix: 2
match: .

When I try to dial with my X-lite: 2+outside number it doesnt work.

But, if I change the Prepend to: 491234 (without #9) then I dial in X-lite 2#9+outside number and it works.

I think that the problem is the #

How can I do this?

Thanks and sorry if I write wrong


any help here?