Outbound Routes Missing Suddenly

System: FreePBX, Asterisk 16.9.0

Had a weird issue today. Someone notified me that outbound calls were not working with a message to verify the number dialed, but that inbound calls were working as expected. After doing some digging I discovered that Outbound Routes was suddenly blank.

During my investigation, I happened to type something in the search box in the FreePBX gui, and realized it had returned one of my outbound routes as a search result. I selected it from the search list, which brought up the edit page for it. The correct settings were all there, and I was able to re-save it. I then found the other outbound routes using the search box, and I believe I have everything “rebuilt.”

While I am back in action, this is a bit concerning. Outbound routes wouldn’t have been terrible to start over with, but extensions would be. Has anyone else seen an issue like this? Does it sound like database corruption? Something else?


I just now ran into this issue, looks to be a bug in the edge version of core. Downgrade to stable to resolve:

Resolved in core versions v15.0.12 and v14.0.28.65.

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