Outbound routes according to Caller ID

I’m trying to route to specific trunks with hard wired Caller ID to enforce a specific Caller ID when forwarding specific calls.

It works for extensions but I can’t get it to work with regular Caller ID coming in to the system.

I’m using 1x. for US CLI in the CallerID box of the Dial Pattern for Outbound Routes.

Am I missing something here?

There is a module ‘Set CallerID’ is it possible to send the call to this destination prior to forwarding .

Eg for Anonymous inbound calls after hours, we identify as callerid on inbound route , send the call to Set CallerID as office number, the send to extension with follow me, makes it easy for on call staff to identify office calls

Thank you Darren for pointing that out.

I use that on my personal PBX to point show which DID is being called. This solution however would not be appropriate for this particular customer as they have multiple ring groups sending calls to multiple different numbers and there is no way to split things up to route specific calls through this module.

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