Outbound route

Ok I have a quick question, for any one that can help. My Current freepbx distro system has 4 different lines connected to it, and they are separate numbers. Incoming routes we have no problems with. Its just that our clients like to be able to press a button on their phone and connect to that exact line. Right now I have it setup as a sip trunk ( lets say 84) and have a “Custom” extension that uses the dial SIP/84, so that way when they dial extension 84 it connects them to the pstn directly. On the phone I have it setup for a speed dial and blf on the multi key. Obviously this is not the right way to do things. Is there a better way to dial a trunk directly?

I have also played around with prefixes and it gets too confusing

If any one could enlighten me that would be great

Using 2.11 and asterisk 11

Phone: GXP2000

You can’t emulate a key system with a PBX. As you have found out it is going to select the first available line.

Well I have got it to where I can select the proper line but it seems half assed. Is there a way a user can select a line? Would the proper way be to add a prefix on the phone and route it based on that?

No, but you can create outbound routes bound to user extensions (see CID in outbound routes) so that each user pulls from the correct pool of lines.

Hmm ok thanks, so lets say I have 4 lines and on each phone I would need 4 extensions/users? Also Thanks for your help

No, the lines on a phone are in a “pool” per se. You can put one appearance on hold and pickup another. The hold is local to the phone.