Outbound route with password

Hi, guys
I’ve one question, how can I make outbound route with password only for long-distance and mobile calls? In dial pattern I write XXXXXXXXXXX (for long-distance and mobile calls) and XXXXXX (for landline calls). And when I make call it asks password, so I delete from pattern XXXXXX, after this i can’t make a call to 6 digit numbers.
I know that I can do second outbound route for 11 digit calls and 6 digit calls, but there are so many routes, is there are another way?

You should probably differentiate your outbound routes based on the MSD’s (Most Significant Digit) it will almost certainly be different for local and LD but locale specific.

I mean I don’t wanna different outbound route, I think the only other way is making dialplan. So I want make dialplan rule which put password for mobile and long-distance call, but for another it shouldn’t ask password

If you want different behavior for different called number patterns you will need different routes, it’s just how it works XXXXXXXXXXX is always a subset of XXXXXX but without a differentiation “how will it know?”

then another question, is it possible putt password not to route, but every internal number?