Outbound route trunk timeout

I’m having an issue where s call goes through to the provider but takes more than a few seconds to connect.

[2011-11-03 09:39:40] VERBOSE[22499] logger.c: – Called flowroute-out/1509XXXXXXX
[2011-11-03 09:40:20] VERBOSE[22499] logger.c: – SIP/flowroute-out-00000175 is ringing

I know this is a provider issue, but it would be nice to set a trunk timeout that rolls to the next trunk in the outbound route after X amount of seconds in such situations.

Is this possible through the gui or conf files?


You need to identify what state the channel will be in. In the example you give it is in ringing state. If the far end signals ringing before actually connecting how can we know to advance to the next route?

Sorry, I sometimes am not clear when I try to convey my thoughts. It isn’t in a ringing state until 40 seconds later after the call is placed. With in about 10 seconds of dead air, most people in our office just hang up and complain about the phone’s not working.

In this example, it is normal (taking only 5 seconds before it starts ringing):

[2011-11-03 10:38:51] VERBOSE[20859] app_dial.c: – Called flowroute-out/1509XXXXXXX
[2011-11-03 10:38:56] VERBOSE[20859] app_dial.c: – SIP/flowroute-out-000014cd is ringing

Hope this clarifies.

That is a very viable question and something that would be of value to me also.

Ping me next week and I will hack up some code and see if we can do this.

I know this is a very old thread, but has anybody figured out how to set a timeout, or is there any other way to try other trunks in less time?

We have a similar situation where we have multiple SIP trunks to try at various call rate decks, and for least cost routing everything goes over the least cost trunk first, then if it fails to route would go to the next… but it takes 30 - 40 seconds to stop trying the first trunk. I would love it if there is no ringing state in 5 - 10 seconds to immediately try the next… however if this isn’t a possibility, I still have a workaround in mind via entering phone numbers that fail via trunk #1 and entering them into a secondary outbound route that trumps the first and calls out via trunk #2 (or trunk #3 if necessary)

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