Outbound Route - Time Group Assigned

I was looking at a FreePBX/Asterisk 14 box for a friend that had mentioned they couldn’t make outbound calls.

I looked at thier outbound routes and saw the Time Group Assigned lit up as green. Thinking the problem was that they had a time condition conflict with thier outbound route, I clicked the edit button.

I noticed the Route was set to permanent and there were no time groups setup in the time group module.

I deleted the route, made a new outbound route and added the trunks, but the new outbound route lit green right away.

Any ideas on what we might be missing?


You should be able to see in the logs why it’s not going through.

There are a couple recent threads, including this one:

As things stand now there is a small number of users reporting that outbound calls are not working if they choose permanent, so they must create a time condition. Nobody here is able to reproduce the issue.

This looks like it might be my issue. The outbound route module time condition icon is clearly lit up green when we set to permanent and have no time groups.


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