Outbound Route Setup for FXO Analog Intercom

I am working to interface a FreePBX with an old analog Dukane intercom system for a school.
Current setup:

  • FreePBX 14 using SIPSTATION
  • Grandstream HT813 to provide FXO for Dukane.

I have followed forums, wikis, and other documentation to setup the Grandstream and the additional SIP trunk in FreePBX. I am stuck with how to setup the Outbound Route for that trunk. I don’t want it to conflict with SIPSTATION, however I want to have the ability to dial a specific number from some endpoints in order to connect with the Dukane to make pages.

What should I use as a dial plan in this outbound route? Or am I mistaken with having to use an outbound route at all? I assumed I needed it since how would FreePBX know what to do with a call to the Dukane?

Yes, the original installers of this Dukane intercom system confirmed that I would need a FXO for the PBX, however they could not tell me the required settings. The ancient Comdial PBX that was originally used was destroyed years ago in a lightning storm.

Thank you for your help!

Rather than set up a trunk, have you looked into just setting the phone up as an extension and calling it directly?

There are two possible ways to get this going:

  1. Set up a DAHDI card with and FXO on it and set the port up as an extension. You assign it an extension number, like any other phone, and away you go. If the server is local to the Dukane, it’s the way I’d go.
  2. Set up your Grandstream as an extension and do the same. This has the advantage of collocation not being not being a requirement - you can connect the phone from anywhere.

IMO this should be a trunk, so you can dial e.g. 023, which will send 23 to the Dukane to select the page destination. Your Outbound route would have prepend (blank), prefix 0, match pattern XX.

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