Outbound route pattern


I just want to be sure i’m doing right.

with my provider, to reach 911, I need to dial 1911…
so, in the outbound route, in the dial pattern, I should, in “prepend” add 1, when the pattern match 911 ?


Assuming your trunk doesn’t add it, yes, you could put it there…

I would also suggest you put it in an Emergency route and make that route the first…

By the way, you do know that you have to pay your provider extra for this, right?

Good luck and have a nice day!


Your plan will work, but the 1 prepend should go in the Trunk dial patterns, not in the outbound route. The distinction is academic if you only have the one trunk, but if you had multiple trunks that support 911, then putting this rule in the outbound route would change the number for all trunks even though it is only necessary for one.