Outbound route password using authenticate password file?

How do I set an outbound route to use a “Authenticate password file”? I’ve created the file and copied it to /etc/asterisk/route_pass.conf. When I enter the path and file in the box for the route password and hit submit changes, I get a pop up message telling me it must be numeric or leave blank to disable. I’m wanting to have a different password for each person (not per extension) allowed to make long distance calls. Local calls, 8xx and 911 will not need a password.

I’m using AsteriskNOW 1.7 with asterisk 1.6.9 and FreePBX 2.7

you can’t do that. You can use the pinset module which allows you to define a list of pins.

However, you can’t configure it to match specific pins for specific users. Any caller can use any pin that is listed.

Thanks, will pinsets 2.8.04 work with freepbx 2.7, or do I need to download pinsets

just use the online module admin, it will pull the correct version that will work with your version of FreePBX.

Excellent, this is actually what they wanted anyway. Don’t know why I couldn’t find this, must of been my search terms.


Hello and thank you for your attention.
I really need to use that function.
According to the documentation, using Authenticate with a password file and the options a and m, we can populate the CDR accountcode with the relative username of the entered password:
"…When one of the passwords is matched, the channel will have its account code set to the corresponding account…"

Is there any way to set it within FreePBX?

PS: the hint that appears on FreePBX when you hover the mouse on the Route password field says:
"A numerical password, or the path to an Authenticate password file can be used."
Thanks again,