Outbound route multiple trunks

I have a question for clarification. I have an outbound route with 2 SIP trunks. The first position is from my provider who sets the session limit on their end. The second trunk is another FreePBX box.

If my provider trunk has 23 total sessions (in & out) set on their end and a 24th outbound call is attempted will it automatically fall over to the second SIP trunk listed in the route or do I have to specify the max channels on the 1st, provider SIP trunk on my end?

I wouldn’t be asking this but it is not exactly clear in the wiki for outbound routes.

Your trunk with the provider should fail and the second trunk on the route should pick up. There’s a check box (IIRC) that tells the trunk that it’s OK to fail over to the second trunk (or is that on the trunk itself?)

Unless you’re seeing some other activity, it should work as you expect. If it’s not working, post a log entry of the call failing to we can see it.

Just make sure that the call is not “re-attempted” on the second trunk
if the first trunk responded with user busy.

Perhaps the multi trunk fail over has got better in recent versions,
but I used to get many duplicated call attempts on the two or three trunks I had.
and the person I was calling thought I was really desperate.!

Nice to know how you go.

Thanks for the clarification.

Just a follow up. My plan appears to be working. I had a congestion event on the primary outgoing trunk and it went ahead and failed over to the second one in the list.

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