Outbound route for extensions


I would like to know if is possible assign to one extension a outbound route, i mean that the extension 123 can not use the outbound route B and vice versa, I was checking this module Extension+Routing

But think that now work for my case because in freepbx panel I allowed for one user and block to other, this case:


123 => Outbound route A
124 => Outbound route B

A -> Pattern (dialplan landline spain 9XXXXXXXX)
B -> Pattern (wildcard “.”)

When 123 try to call to other destinations that not match with dial pattern of the outbound A, it use the outbound B, and this outbound is not allowed for this extension

Can somebody help me?

Thank you advance.

Use the commercial COS module, the prepend option in outbound routes, or the way that is described here:

Thank you, I solved the problem in each router configuring CID but my problem is, if this extension configure follow me setting, then pbx not use your route, do you know how can I configure it?

thank you advance.

I will check to buy cos, but do you know if is possible do these? and if not work they can refund the money?

Should be possible, call Sangoma sales to discuss if this will meet your requirements or/if a refund can be issued.