Outbound route for a DID dosent work


I have multiple phones with few extension on each and 2 DID from GloboTech (that is working very well) and the second DID is dedicatied for my business. The firs DID is dedicated for my family.

For all inbound call (from the PSTN) I dont have any problem. Call coming from the first DID is going to an IVR and work fine. Call coming from the second DID is going to the extension 1201 and work fine for my business.

Now I have an outbound route with my first DID and working fine for my family.

Since my extension 1201 is bounded with the second DID and If I make a call to the PSTN from this extension It supposed to use the second DID but instead, it uses the outbound route and then take the first DID ???

It’s not okay since the callee will see the first tel number as caller ID and I dont want the family number will be use for my business.

Is there a way to have a criteria like what is the caller extension to choose the outgoing route?

And why if I bound together an extensioin with a DID they work for incoming call but not for the outgoing call?

In other word, I would like to use my second DID as an extension for incoming and outgoing.

Thank you very much for your help.

It is all in the context

you would need to create a custom context

say [home-only]
then copy and paste the from [from-internal-additional] section…
without the line “include => outbound-allroutes” I think this is right

then create a new outbound context
include => home-only
include => outrt-XXX-(the outbound route you want to use)

Now you should be able to change the users context under the exten tab to home-only and the exten dail out on the trunk you wanted…

will need some tweakN

I am a newbie - could you please give a step-by-step approach as to where these need to be put and exactly what the content should be. Thanks-