Outbound route CID and Password Fields self populate

Have had this issue for some time. Open an outbound route the Route CallerID and Password Fields are populated. The fields are populated with the user/password logged into FreePBX.

Although a bug report for this behavior was submitted, there hasn’t been any resolution. The data is incorrect and should not be there since we have no Route Password for any route.

TheJames said it is a browser issue.

Using a program which uninstalls and then takes out any reference in the windows registry, uninstalled firefox. In %appdata% deleted Mozilla in both Roaming and Local.

Reinstalled Firefox, Opened FreePBX, opened a route, and the same CallerID and Password fields were populated. Same values in both fields as was before uninstalling Firefox.

If this is browser issue, what else would one remove besides ‘Mozilla’ in %appdata% roaming and local?


I’m no expert, but I’d guess that the field names on the page are the same as in the base UI. There is (IIRC) a setting that tells your browser to auto-populate any field where the fieldname matches with the most recent entry in that field. Since the data is coming from the login screen, I’d guess that’s where it’s coming from.

I use Firefox exclusively for accessing FreePBX and I’ve never had this problem. I was looking at my system and I still have modules from my original FreePBX install back in the early 2000s and I’ve literally never seen this happen before.

i don’t use firefox but i assume that it has a “reset” somewhere in the settings that will essentially reset the browser settings and clear any stored data. IE, Edge and Chrome have this feature so i assume that the homely firefox has it too

Found the answer and it IS a Mozilla Firefox setting that is causing fields like CID and Password in Outbound routes to self populate.

Here is the fix in case anyone else runs into the problem and thinks it’s FreePBX issue.

Prevent Firefox from storing form entries

If you don’t want Firefox to remember what you’ve entered into form fields, you can turn off the auto form fill feature:

Click the menu button and choose Options.
Select the Privacy panel.
In the drop-down menu next to Firefox  **select Use custom settings for history**.
*Remove the check mark next to Remember search and form history*.

Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you made will automatically be saved.

Disabling form history also prevents Firefox from storing search history for the Search bar in the Navigation Toolbar.