Outbound Prefix vanishes from phone history


We a trying to implement a new voip infrastructure in our company. While setting up the whole system for testing we found the following problem.

We have set a ‘0’ as prefix in outbound routes dial pattern to access it and do outbound calls. When I now dial a number this is working as expected and the prefix is removed and the number is send to the trunk and I can make a call.
But when I now go into the dialed numbers history on the phone the number saved there is missing the prefix. So when I now try to redial the number it will fail the call.

We currently assume phones read back there history from asterisk CDR database, where the number is saved without prefix.

My question now is how can I make my phones save the prefix so I can use the history to redial any number previously called.

useful(?) info:

dial patterns are super simple right now it is just ‘0|X.’ to force the prefix for calls.
As phones we use newer Grandstreams (GXP2135) with commercial EndPoint Manager.

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