Outbound - Other IVRs not picking up on key tones DTMTF

Have a strange issue with an installation where other IVRs, especially those at Government agencies aren’t detecting pressed keys on our outbound calls.

We’re running FreePBX, Asterisk 11.4.0 with Cisco SPA303-G1 handsets and 4 POTS lines through a Sangoma A200 card.

Everything else is working perfectly, is this something I should try to troubleshoot with the telco?

So far I have tried adding the following to chan_dahdi.conf:


It did not make a difference.

Any help would be appreciated, am at a loss after some searching, am I using the wrong terminology?

Check the tx/rxgains on your dahdi lines, you can use dahdi_monitor -vv (channel) to watch the audio levels they should be 0db (about 70% )

Thanks very much, I will give that a shot today!