Outbound issue

I have something kind of strange happening.
I just wiped my drive clean and installed freepbx 3.2 w/ asterisk 11. The only computer on the network is the asterisk server.
The Linux firewall has not been changed since fresh install.
We have a standard phone line with its own # I’ve been using to test my sip phone.The issue that has got me wondering whats up
is the fact that i can place a call to the regular phone here and
goes through every time,but as soon as i call any other number neither phone will ring and obviously the call will not connect yet i can still transfer the call to our regular # here and both phones ring.
I’ve only made one change to the system so far and taking it nice and slow to avoid messing things up. I have one question about asterisk 11 default settings under endpoint configuration manager.
IP address of phone server:___?___Determine for me, button.
I’m looking to find out what the default value of this setting was
before i clicked Determine for me. I also don’t now if i should use ftp or http or what the prerequisites would be of this system?