Outbound Groups for FreePBX 2.5 / Setting custom CID on Outbound Routes

I found a solution for a problem im having, with the outbound groups module… Referenced here: http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx/users/new-module-outbound-extension-groups

It seems a little overkill though for what im trying to do, and it seems like this should be a part of freepbx in the outbound routes section.

I need to simply create some prefixes (9, 8, 7, etc) so that we can dial out using different caller ID, as there are 10 “main numbers” that my client has on their PRI. Currently I am getting around this by defining multiple instances of my Zap/G0 trunk and telling my outbound routes to use the correct one, but it gets a bit confusing, since i now have 10 trunks labelled “Zap/G0” - It seems like it would be easier to allow outbound CID override at the actual outbound route, instead of the trunk.

Thoughts? Does anyone either have outbound groups working in FreePBX 2.5, or maybe some ideas on using outbound CID variables in the outbound routes section? Phillipe?


Write a context named outbound-allroutes-custom in extension_custom.conf to do this. You can do pattern matching and assign the correct CallerID name and Caller ID num.