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Are there any plans to enable configuration of the outbound email settings? On other systems, I have had to setup TLS authentication to send through my google, time warner, etc mailboxes. It required setting smart_host, AuthInfo, and I think masquarade settings.

With my new testing install I can send to some addresses, but others just reject the mail (probably because reverse dns isn’t right for my box, but not sure). With the current amount of spam in the world, many servers restrict incoming messages to reduce spam.

Apr 28 10:19:30 pbx postfix/smtp[15169]: EDE4618508CD: to=[email protected], relay=mx.cingularme.com[]:25, delay=0.25, delays=0.02/0.01/0.23/0, dsn=4.0.0, status=deferred (host mx.cingularme.com[] refused to talk to me: 421 Service not available)

I know what I have to edit to make it work, but I assume others are in similar situation and hate hacking solutions.

Clearly lower on the priority list.


At this time that is inside our sysadmin pro which will be released shortly. It will be a paid module only as it includes lots of other items but we are thinking something like $25.00 to $50.00 per system per year fee since it includes some cool features.

It includes at this time the following items

  • Post Fix management
  • UPS Management
  • Gui based Update management of Distro Upgrades and setting schedules on how often to look for upgrades and install them
  • DDNS client so you can have a xxx.pbx.freepbdistro.org and it will be updated anytime your internet IP changes

Eventually iptable management and anything else people can come up with.

I think I can safely speak for every FreePBX Distro user in saying that holding back e-mail settings to a commercial module is absolutely asinine.

I see the developers have defended this action several times with lack of any real caring for the end-user. This is not a commercial feature - it’s a basic feature that should be included. The fact you are trying to commercialize the feature is really telling about the way the Distro is going to be handled in the future.

I, again, can safely speak for everyone when saying that UPS management, GUI management of distro upgrades, DDNS, iptables management, etc etc are not required nor basic features, but configuring your outbound e-mail settings is!

I am sure the last thing you guys want is a bunch of people complaining to you over a free product, but to be honest you guys really need to take a step back and realize that you might be withholding the wrong feature. This doesn’t exactly make me want to pay for any commercial modules… honestly.

-A disappointed FreePBX user

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thtanner - You have your information wrong. Nobody is holding back access to the email settings. To my knowledge the only people that ever even attempted to put a GUI front end on Postfix was trixbox and it was full of problems.

You can edit Postfix config freely, just not via a module.

The module that is commercialized makes this task and many others much easier.

As a grateful benefactor of all the Open Source code and this project as a whole I suggest you get your facts together. Schmooze contributes a vast majority of code to this project. If enough people object and make them feel unwelcome where would that leave us and every other distro?

They are not holding back anything. On the contrary without them the distro would not exist. Configuring your “outbound e-mail settings” got nothing to do with the FreePBX distro. That’s done in CentOS and you can either do it yourself or pay to have it done for you. I guess you’d also want the firewall configured for you?

I am not saying that this could not or should not be provided for free BUT it’s perfectly reasonable if they want to charge for their expertise on centos related settings.

I guess I also feel it is fair. It seams to me that every distro has some method to monetize their effort and that keeps them committed for the long term. I did purchase this module.

I would like to see the package configure TLS/SSL (gmail) type email as well, for a paid module it seams limited.

Put in a feature request but it is a really tough thing to do from a GUI since it usually requires certs and other items. We have looked at it before but its just not something easy to do and changes all the time. Its also a $25.00 module to keep it cheap and adds more than just email management.

Hey brk - This may not help you or you might of already figured it out. But, I used these instructions to get my gmail working for Voicemails and Freepbx system update notifications.


For $25 I was not expecting much in System Admin Pro, but I was expecting the module to configure sendmail for either Gmail or my IMAP server. Neither have worked. Tony Lewis (Schmooze Technical support) said I could pay for support to have them get it working, but I have asked for at least some documentation on Sys Admin Pro since it does not come with any, so that I can configure sendmail to work with it.

I am optimistic Schmooze will stand behind the product and will check back in.


Sysadmin Pro does lots of things and one of them is manage postfix settings. All is does is take what you put in the module and write out postfix settings. You opened a ticket for support on the module and we informed you that the issue is not the module but something with your settings/setup. If you want postfix setting options that google postfix settings.

The problem is not with the module but with the setup that your relay server bluehost requires which is way beyond what we could tell you since each hosting provider has their own requirements and should send you a doc on how they expect relay authentication host to be setup.

Please don’t distort the facts by saying a module does not work. I would suggest fist by providing your maillog which might show why your relay server is rejecting the mail which was also asked by you in a support ticket. Usually because they want certs setup which is not something FreePBX can do since doing so requires root level access and usually requires a signed cert.

As far as documentation each of the options in the module has a roll over help menu to define what can be put in the field and what it is for.

I love the Sysadmin Pro module as it made my life easier for sending emails. Mind you, somehow the distro for 2.9 already had emails working. I know I never did anything other than supply my SMTP server and email address. I was interested in the UPS portion of this module which was a big selling point for me, but cannot find any documentation on how to use it or set it up. I have an APC UPS. After hooking the USB cable into my PBX computer I verified that the computer recognized it by keying lsusb into CENTOS. It came back with:

Bus 003 Device 002: ID 05ld:0002 American Power Conversion Uninterruptible Power Supply

That proves that the UPS is talking to CentOS. Then I setup the following:

Cable Type: USB Cable

This does not work. So then I tried:

UPS Type: APCSmart
Device/Port: /dev/tty2

After submitting the Device/Port is cleared out. There’s no error message. Either way when I test both methods by pulling the power plug from the wall (which should trigger a running on battery event and then a power restored event when I plug it back in). Unfortunately nothing happens. No emails are sent. No errors generated.

Without an error message or documentation it’s like being on a boat out at sea not knowing where land is. Has anyone had any luck getting this feature to work? Is there documentation anywhere for it?